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TDLC REU Site Trainee Travel Stipend Information


The trainees of the Temporal Dynamics of Learning REU Site receive a $1,100 travel stipend to be applied while the trainee is participating in the program to attend a Scientific Conference or Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center Network meeting.

Below are the instructions for applying the REU travel stipend…

  • Trainees who would like to travel to an authorized event should get approval from their mentor and the REU program coordinator prior to the trip. If the trainee fails to get pre-approval, it could jeopardize the reimbursement of their travel expenses by the REU program.

  • Once the trainee has received approval to use a pre-specified amount of their travel up to $1100, they should contact the Program Coordinator (Kate Shanks, kshanks@ucsd.edu) a minimum of three weeks (15 business days) before their travel date to begin the pre-travel process. With a minimum of 3 weeks before departure date, trainees can have their plane ticket and conference registration prepaid, thereby reducing the amount of out-of-pocket expenses incurred.

  • The trainee will need to provide the following information:

    Name of Event:
    Event Dates: ______ to ______
    Estimated Total Expenses:
    Purpose of trip: To attend "Name of event" for _____.

Once the trip has been inputted into the UCSD travel system, the trainee will receive an event number.

  • If the trainee would like their plane ticket prepaid, they can contact Kate Shanks, kshanks@ucsd.edu, with this request. Alternatively, the trainee may pay for their trip themself and receive reimbursement for their expenses after they return (no expenses can be reimbursed before travel). Registration can also be prepaid.

  • IMPORTANT: Allowable Expenses
    The National Science Foundation (the REU Site funding agency) and UCSD strictly limit the travel expenses that can be reimbursed by the program. A good rule of thumb is to remember that you are on "university business" when traveling and that all legitimate travel expenses are necessary and justifiable. Below are further guidelines to assist trainees with determining allowable travel expenses.
    • Travelers are allowed to spend a daily maximum of $71 on meals.
    • All extracurricular activities are not reimbursable, unless they are part of a conference program (if the traveler is uncertain about whether an activity is allowable, they can consult with the program coordinator prior to travel)
    • Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.
  • IMPORTANT: The traveler MUST retain all of their ITEMIZED receipts for expenses they wish to be reimbursed.  All receipts must have the date, the name of the restaurant/store, the items purchased, and the amount clearly printed.